Every Time You Go

Bright Lights – Ellie Goulding

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Everytime You Go - Ellie Goulding
I really thought that we’d go further the second time we’d meet




What the majority of feminists probably don’t understand is that when men have children, those men become the patriarch of their family. How would females/mothers feel if there was a Masculist movement that blamed Matriarchy for all of the oppression in the world?

what is this even supposed to mean

If feminism is so “gooder”, then how does bacon cattle shrimp stew race goats across the pacific ocean? sorry, too LOGICAL for you???


marrying someone who’s rich won’t make you happy, it will make you rich and happy

This is what happens when you don’t think about it.


on a scale from Matilda to Carrie how well do you handle having telekinesis and terrible parents